Learning with Technology

Welcome to the Lupin Hill Wiki!! This wiki was created to aid the integration of technology into the 21st century classroom! This site is a work in progress and can change frequently.

Parents, no need to click join above. Joining gives access to make changes and we don't want things accidentally deleted or added without authorization. If you have a great link please send it to the email below.

On this Home page you will find links to sights that all grade levels use most frequently.

Under each grade level tab you will find links to websites to use in the lab. You will also find lesson plan ideas, down-loadable documents and other resourceful information about Lupin Hill's computer labs. If you have a suggested link, please email it to ahedin@lvusd.org

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Digital Citizenship - Information for Parents and Teachers...from Mrs. Grady

iStation Monthly Assessment

CAASPP Practice Test

Universal Screener Test (RenStar)

School Use Only- sorry, these won't work at home

  • IXL Math-use your username and password
  • ST Math- Use your username and password- See setup directions for home below
  • XP Math- fun arcade style math games
  • That's A Fact- Math Fact practice- +, -, x, รท
  • CyberChase- Math games and activities
  • Academic Skill Builders- Fun learning arcade style games for math concepts.
  • XTRAMath- Timed math fact practice, personalizes what each child needs to work on- needs teacher or parent to sign kids up.



Username: lupin
Password: school
  • WorldBook-Encyclopedia for young, old, and adults. Spanish version also available. Research tutorials for all ages.
Username: lupinhill
Password: tigers

Multi-Subject Websites

  • Mr. Nussbaum- TONS of learning games for all subjects and grade levels.
  • abcya- learning games for grades K-5
  • The Lost Lunchbox- 3-5 grade learning RPG
  • Quia- use your username and password that your teacher provided
  • Quizlet- online flashcards. Search, find your teacher's page, or create your own.
  • Learner.com- Interactive activities for all subject areas.
  • BBC Skillwise- Tons of activities, games, quizzes, and lessons for all grades and subjects
  • Cool Tools for School- Tons of categorized Web2.0 tools


ST Math Home Setup
To set up ST Math at home on a lap or desk top computer...it will need to have an updated version of Flash...check for that if you have not done so recently....IF YOU ARE PUTTING THE PROGRAM ON A TABLET DEVICE (IPAD, ANDROID, not iPhone) scroll to the bottom for directions...


1. Enter stmath.com in the address line of your web browser (Firefox or Safari are recommended, but Chrome and IE work, as well).

2. Click on JiJi, the penguin.

3. Only if this is the first time logging in at home, you will be asked to enter this homework activation code:


4. Click, I agree.

5. Click, Allow local data storage. (Note from Mrs. Grady...this is ok to do...it will not put anything weird on your computer. Also, there may be a couple of places to click "allow"...click it any time you see it. You will not have to do it again!)

6. Your student will then see the familiar screen with JiJi. He or she needs to click JiJi and enter the password exactly as in school. (Message from Mrs. Grady again...the password is the series of pictures that were trained in class. If you child says that he/she cannot remember it, ask him/her to try. If the password does not work, tell him/her to check with the teacher for re-training. This is not the IXL or iStation password..the program has trained them and if they forget, we can set it to re-train.)

7. If there are no unplayed games visible, click the button at the bottom of the screen with the green cones to access games previously passed. This will give your child a lot of fun practice.

8. After playing, the student should always use the back-arrow button on the bottom-left of the screen (just like at school) to exit the program and ensure that progress is saved.

If you encounter technical difficulties, please contact your school or teacher for assistance. MIND Research Institute is not responsible for technical support of the home use component. This means that you should talk to your teacher or to Mrs. Grady.

Tablet device directions (IPAD or Android)

When you use an iPad or Tablet you will not have to download flash. Just go to the App Store and get the free app that is STMath - School Version.

You will be asked for an activation code! It is the same as the one on the home desktop, but it looks funny because they ask for it separately...

Here it is...

School ID LUP71M

Password HN9DYW39

Enjoy this great mathematical adventure!